Genevoice GM64Pro24

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Genevoice GM64Pro24 EdgeSounds Genevoice GM64Pro24 - 24-bit quality 64MB General Midi (GM) SoundFont bank.

The Genevoice GM64Pro24 bank contains 2 banks of 128 GM compatible melodic instruments each (256 total) and 11 XG compatible drum sets. The bank is compatible with 24-bit as well as 16 bit soundcards, hardware and software synthesizers. 24-bit quality allows approximately +6db dynamic range increase compared to 16-bit, which delivers large amount of extra details in a sound of instruments. Users of the new 24-bit capable hardware can enjoy the higher fidelity sound when playing standard midi-files. But other 16-bit hardware and software synthesizers will render the Genevoice GM64Pro24 bank in 16-bit quality, still delivering the brilliant quality of its samples.

The 16-Bit version is also available here: Genevoice GM64Pro16

Note: We have extensively tested the bank on numerous hardware and software settings, but of course there can be many more different OS/Soft/Hardware combinations. To test if your system is capable of handling 24-Bit SoundFont Banks please download the free Vibraphone 24-Bit SoundFont Bank from the Downloads page.


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Downloadable file size 31MB zip archive.