Genevoice GM64Pro24

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  • 256 Melodic Instruments
  • 2 X 128 GM Banks
  • 11 XG compatible Drum Kits
  • 950 24-bit samples

System Requirements:

  • 64MB Free Disk space
  • 128 MB RAM
  • SoundFont v2.4 compatible hardware or software synthesizer or sound card


- Hardware:

  • 160MB RAM
  • 800 MHz Processor
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card with 64 MB RAM

- Software:

Known compatibility problems:
  • SynthFont (v1.040 and earlier) for Windows: Does Not support 24-bit SoundFont banks - on different systems gives different error messages, freezes or crashes;
  • iTunes on MAC OS X: Does Not produce any sound on some hardware configurations;
If you are using only the software mentioned above for playing  SoundFont banks, please double check the complatibility, check for updated versions, or chose the 16-bit version of the GeneVoice GM SoundFont bank

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